Where To Stay In Venice With Kids

There's something magical about Venice in the early evening - the way the light reflects off the canals as the sun goes down, and the hushed silence of the narrow streets once all the crowds have gone home. If you're on a budget and wondering whether you should stay in Mestre or in Venice itself, please CHOOSE VENICE!

We stayed in a beautiful, and very reasonably priced, Airbnb apartment on the Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio. Every evening, we'd leave our rooftop apartment and head downstairs to the town square below, where the neighbourhood kids were racing around on scooters and kicking footballs. Our kids had so much fun, and because there's no cars or bikes, could run around freely under the laurel trees. It also gave us the opportunity to dine al fresco while we watched the little ones play.

The 2-bedroom apartment cost around €115 /night and had a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, laundry, huge living room and outdoor terrace looking out across the rooftops. Not to mention a stunning view of the Chiesa di San Giacomo dall'Orio. There is also a Coop supermarket right downstairs. Only downfall, 6 flights of stairs to climb! You can check out the apartment here.

View of the Chiesa San Giacomo dell'Orio from our bedroom window


There's a huge variety of Airbnb apartments to choose from in Venice. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect one:

1. Always check the reviews

Although the apartment may look perfect in the listing, it could be above a noisy bar or it could be far from public transport.

2. Ask questions

Always communicate with the owner before booking, and if you need more information about the accommodation (e.g. are there any stairs to climb?).

3. Stay for a week

Apartment owners will often offer you a discount if you stay for longer periods

4. Check the maps

If you're travelling with lots of luggage or strollers, Venice's myriad of bridges can make walking a seemingly short  distance very difficult! Choose an apartment that's as close as possible to your arrival point, or factor a water taxi fare into your budget.

5. Book early, but check the cancellation policies

The best Airbnb apartments get snapped up quickly, so start looking as soon as your travel plans are firm. Make sure you're ok with the cancellation policy though, many will offer no refund at all in the event of cancellation.

6. Coupon codes are your friend

Airbnb runs promos from time to time, so check coupon websites before you book. If you'e new to Airbnb, you can get $30 AUD off your first booking if you use my referral - www.airbnb.com.au/c/alockett8

Bright and airy bedroom

Perfect spot for morning coffee and a croissant

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